Aaron Brown

My name is Aaron Dale Brown. I live in Farmington Hills, MI, U.S.A. My email address is here.


The Lua programming language is small, portable, fast, high-level, and easy to interface with C. My friend Kurt Jung and I coauthored a book about it called Beginning Lua Programming:

The book is written to be usable by beginners, but we think more experienced programmers will also find it useful. It covers:

I also participate in the Lua mailing list.


I play guitar and sing in a cover band called The Copycats. My brother Mason and sister Katäri are also musicians.

Other Entertainment

I'm also on LiveJournal, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, and reddit. I've been using the Shangri-La Diet successfully since mid-2006. I sometimes get together and speak Esperanto with other members of the Esperanto-Societo de Miŝigano; I performed in and wrote music for Esperanto -- Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo, a series of Esperanto instructional videos. En Esperantujo mi kutime nomas min Aarono Brown.

Here's some Google juice for the Green River Animal Welfare League website.